Sunday, November 15, 2009

I enjoy reading historical romance novels, from the very well known to those written by up and coming and first novelists. The Trouble with Sara Jo by Kathryn Lynn Zedar was a thoroughly enjoyable read full of twists, turns, and humor at every bend. It is wonderful to laugh, especially when those laughs are the result of a character who is a larger misfit than one’s self is. Ms. Zedar presents us with, Sara Jo, a loveable feisty heroine who cannot seem to fit in no matter how hard she tries. Sara Jo’s journey to self-improvement and love introduces a plethora of loveable and eccentric characters, some whom, the reader grows to love, and others dislike intensely. I had a wonderful time discovering what was and was not The Trouble with Sara Jo. Available in eBook from Fictionwise and paperback from Amazon.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marriage Proposal


Kelly Kirch

I must admit that I am a softie when it comes to a book that even touches on the Beauty and the Beast theme. Ms. Kirch has not only written a wonderful romance, but also provided this reader with the gift of laughter. Simon, Lord Marby scarred in body and soul is the quintessential beast. The kind and loving, though completely naive, Miss Marie Cunningham is the perfect beauty. Simon could not seem to win and Marie could not lose, while I could not stop laughing. This is the third book in the Marriage Mart Series. Ms. Kirch also writes Christian Fiction under the name Kelly Marstad'

Thursday, July 17, 2008

word traffic books - Tallahassee, Florida

I'm enjoying visiting bookstores and learning to use my camera. A new day, another bookstore. I have been meaning to visit word traffic books for sometime. I dive by frequently but just kept going. BOY! Have I been missing out! The store is located in a small strip shopping center at 1227 East Lafayette Street behind Appalachee Parkway Shopping Center.
A light, roomy place, with a friendly comfortable atmosphere where one may sit and read, use a laptop, or just relax with a cup of coffee. There are separate seating areas for large and small groups.
Van, the owner, gave me a tour. I especially like the friendly feeling of the children’s area. I’m now in my second childhood and children’s books are frequent additions to my personal library. He showed me the comfortable meeting area where workshops and seminars take place on a regular basis. The store offers a generous selection of new and used books at reasonable prices.

Sadly, the prices are even more reasonable now. Van is closing word traffic books with plans of joining the worldwide sales community of the internet. Now is the time to drop in, visit with Van, and meet other friendly bibliophiles.

Inquire about current workshops and attend upcoming author events.

July 19 at 4:00pm

Visit with Anne Holt with Ms. Holt as she discusses her works. Ms. Holt makes presentations in libraries and schools on writing and leadership, including "Building a Story," Personal Leadership," and "Women as Heroes." visit her website at She has written a number of westerns for Avalon including: Silver Creek, and Kendrick

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Trip To The goodwill BOOKSTORE

I stopped by the Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL goodwill BOOKSTORE with my trusty KODAK digital camera in hopes of taking some pictures for the LibraryThing Local page. My last visit was without my camera and I ended up leaving the store with a bagful of books and less money than when I arrived. This time I was only going to buy what was on my immediate wish list: Child of the Phoenix by Barbara Erskine and anything by James Fennimore Cooper.

A young man named Paul was right there asking if I needed help. I explained my mission and started searching for the books I wanted. In the meantime, he told me about the birthday sale that was going to take place Wednesday through Friday, July 9, 10, and 11. The store has been open a whole year. One day later and I would save another 25%. Senior Citizen’s Day got me 25 % but ta ta ta ta…..

-BRATION would get me a whopping 50% off or books for half price.

I managed to keep my purchases at four books and $10. (A bit about my purchases in a later blogs)

I will be sure to spend more tomorrow. With over 1200 books on my shelves, I’m sure if I try, I can find room for a few more.

The goodwill BOOKSTORE is a used bookstore run by Goodwill Industries. Well lighted, with wide wheelchair accessible aisles. Attractive bookshelves hold books, which are separated by fiction and nonfiction. Special sections hold westerns, science fiction, art, cooking...

Friendly, knowledgeable full and part-time staff is available to answer questions and assist in locating books. Regular sale days include:

Mad Monday 25% off Fiction and Non Fiction

Tuesday Senior Day 25% off(age 55 or older) excluding "signed & rare", pink and purple tags

Wonderful Wednesday 25% off everything and 50% off pink and purple tags

The average regular price of books is $3.99, with a few priced a little higher and many priced lower. No book is left in the store after four months and books are added every day.

An exceptional store!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

This is one of my favorite books. I first read “The Penny Whistle” a short story contained within this novel. Maggie MacAuley, a young girl from an Irish immigrant family living in the Kentucky hills during the late seventeenth century. The family is poor although slightly better of than many of their neighbors since Maggie’s father is a foreman at the mine. Jonathan Stuart has recently come to Skingle Creek to serve as the schoolteacher for the children of the mining community. He is a sickly young man from the city. He is kind and understanding and Maggie thinks he epitomizes what a “gentle” man must be.Ms. Hoff describes the community and people with understanding and a depth of feeling bringing life to the pages.
The children are like children everywhere, Ms. Hoff shows the good, and evil that comes out in their relations with each other and their teacher. Maggie growth in understanding and knowledge is demonstrated through her relations with her family and the community. A book suitable for young adults and suitable for family reading, its entertaining as an adult read.