Sunday, November 15, 2009

I enjoy reading historical romance novels, from the very well known to those written by up and coming and first novelists. The Trouble with Sara Jo by Kathryn Lynn Zedar was a thoroughly enjoyable read full of twists, turns, and humor at every bend. It is wonderful to laugh, especially when those laughs are the result of a character who is a larger misfit than one’s self is. Ms. Zedar presents us with, Sara Jo, a loveable feisty heroine who cannot seem to fit in no matter how hard she tries. Sara Jo’s journey to self-improvement and love introduces a plethora of loveable and eccentric characters, some whom, the reader grows to love, and others dislike intensely. I had a wonderful time discovering what was and was not The Trouble with Sara Jo. Available in eBook from Fictionwise and paperback from Amazon.